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  • Date: 2016-03-01
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Clash Royale is an exciting strategy game from the Supercell studio. This strategy has a multiplayer mode in real-time, based on the battles of the cards. Like any good mobile game, at first, it attracts with its simplicity and then does not let go of its depth. This type of combat is a pretty exciting milestone in the gaming world. This famous game combines two game genres of collecting cards and MOBA. This strategy with RPG components had invented for use on Android mobile devices. All events of this game take place in a small arena. It has located on one screen, on which the player's towers have found in its lower part: 2 princess ones and one royal. Opposite them are similar competitor towers. The player's mission is to destroy the competitor towers and protect their own. Gameplay The gameplay is short (3 minutes) battles. The goal is to protect your towers and destroy the enemy ones. The gameplay of this project consists of endless battles. The main task is to destroy enemy towers and defend your tower. There will be three towers in total at your location: one is royal, the other two are the princess. The ruler has a high reserve of health but causes the least harm. And the princesses, instead, have less health. But, they have the most rapid attack speed, cause damage and shoot far. You will have their card drawings, a playing deck selected by you for battles. You can change the cards in the deck before starting the fight. However, from the beginning, this change will be impracticable. You must pay with a set number of magic Elixir for any card. It will automatically produce as you progress. Unfortunately, the number of the magic Elixir is ten units, so it will not work out in any way. Battles take place in arenas; there are 13 of them in total. Before visiting the Arena, you must go through a significant stage of training. During training, you will get familiar with the intricacies of the control. Then, new arenas will begin to open with the number of war trophies you earned. Remember earned war trophies can be lost: for example, later defeat from the competitor. With each Arena revealed, the selection of cards will increase. So try to disclose as many arenas as possible - this will guarantee more variety when building a deck. Graphics Clash Royale offers State-of-the-art 3D graphics with well-crafted beautiful models. Beautiful and bright visual animation. It provides high project performance, improved graphics quality. There are three towers in total, one royal and two princess towers. Control The main actions occur in a small arena that you can control from the gadget screen. The game has convenient and intuitive navigation and a gameplay control system. You have to wait for your move, defend on its side of the field, launch a combo that destroys your tower. You will not control the fighters; only call them at a specific moment from your deck, paying the manna cost. Conclusion Build a deck of fighters, heroes, towers, and spells, and get ready to use it in the battle against such a gamer. Advance in the game, collect gold and buy dozens of new cards. It will not work here to use op-tactics. Fighting in the same Arena is optional - open up new zones and overcome new obstacles. There are almost no turn-based card battles. Fifty percent of success in a duel will depend only on your agility and cleverness! If you want to refresh the deck, you don't have to farm funds. Instead, you can exchange cards with your clanmates. And at the same time, provoke each other into a duel to test your strength and improve your strategy.

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