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  • Size:46M
  • Date: 2016-11-25
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Paper.io is a casual puzzle game. The game adopts a simple and comfortable style design, which brings you a fresher visual sense. The gameplay is still relatively novel, and it is light, simple, and does not consume time., It gives the player a great attraction and makes you feel more interesting as you play. Of course, players only need to master the skills to complete the challenge at a faster speed, prepare for free exploration and adventure, and unlock new ones. The site of the scene is relatively exciting. Players must remember not to touch the walls and obstacles, otherwise it will mean the failure of the challenge. Gameplay In the game, you can take yourself as the center and prepare to use your own body to occupy the territory. Each color represents a player. In the game, you will be a small square. Through the continuous sliding of your fingers, With the same color of the square, as long as the place covered by this color belongs to your territory, keep controlling the square to move forward and occupy more places within a limited time. You are not the only one here, there are many other players who will compete with you again. Starting at the same time, speed up the sliding speed, so as to seize the opportunity. In the beginning, occupy a small area, and then slowly enclose the area to expand the area behind you. The sense of competition is particularly strong here. Not everyone can win. When your small square is sliding, maybe someone is watching you nearby. If you don't pay attention to the small tail, you will be caught by others. It belongs to Your game is over. For you, the fatal place is your tail. As long as the enemy touches it, the game is over. So when you are enclosing the land, you should also pay special attention to protecting your tail. Of course, if you are a master of art, you can also try this sneak attack on others, attack the opponent's tail, eliminate other players, and quickly seize the opponent's territory. From the color, you can see the area you occupy. If you want to distinguish the victory or defeat, you also need to look at the real-time score leaderboard. Whether you can distinguish the victory or defeat, it also depends on your tactical layout. Game control The control in this game is very simple. Slide your finger on the screen to control the character's turn. If you are not used to multiple operation modes, you can choose in the setting interface. Conclusion The Paper.io game has a simple style and unique visual experience. What are you waiting for?

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