• Extreme Car Driving Simulator

  • Developer: AxesInMotion Racing
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  • Size:53M
  • Date: 2014-07-15
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  • Version:4.4
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Extreme Car Driving Simulator is an open-world simulator game released by AxesInMotion Racing. It is a mobile simulation game with variable driving modes. The project in question is a good simulator where various driving modes meet. The game offers simple controls, an intuitive interface, and a large fleet of vehicles. If you have never played a game like this, it will feel hard for you. For other users, everything will be clear and work well. The game menus are natural; you can find the required function much easier. In a couple of seconds, it will be clear what and where has located. Gameplay The gameplay has presented in the shape of free driving around the city, off-road, or runway at the airport. The controls are pretty friendly to beginners. Download Extreme Car Driving Simulator to play the game with a touch screen control. In Extreme Car Driving, you will not see a holistic narrative, a long storyline, and whole lines of tasks. The game focused on single-player passages. But at the same time, everyone chooses what they would like to do. The creators have introduced a large arsenal of vehicles designed for various roads. Although sometimes tasks open on top of each other and look coherent, this is not the case. Despite such little things, the gameplay is addictive and captivating. At first, everything was not so high quality and rosy, so let's talk about the original version. You only have a car at your disposal. There is no need to choose the appearance of the hero, characteristics, and the like. To buy a new car, you need to gain experience as a driver and save the required amount in local currency. There is no police in the gameplay. You can either enforce the rules for yourself or not pay attention to them. If you crash the car, you will have to visit the user's "Garage," all damage will automatically repair. The user has access to three locations for driving - off-road, airport, and city. If you wish, you can ride along with the checkpoints or add traffic on the road. It will complicate the gameplay. Graphics The game has Realistic 3D graphics. The picture quality in the game lags behind the flagships in the genre for mobile platforms. But still, it is so good. You can play the game to increase the resolution and improve the level of detail. The game can surprise everyone who starts the project. The cars are the very same as real ones, which further immerses you in the created atmosphere. Control The game offers simple and convenient control. It is easy to shut down some systems if needed. They make the ride a lot easier, which power users don't like. If you want to ride in peace, do not turn off the traction control and ABS. If you like to create difficulties, try to ride without them. You can customize the game control, make the game more stable, and get rid of lags. Conclusion The game in question is suitable for everyone who wants to have a good time with friends. The game is worth the attention of the audience for several reasons. It is so simple and straightforward, which makes the task easier. But at the same time, it offers well-developed gameplay with several driving modes. There is also a large selection of available cars. It will help diversify the gameplay. The game is not boring, does not get boring over time.

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