• Lumber Empire: Idle Tycoon

  • Developer: ADQUANTUM LTD
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  • Size:128M
  • Date: 2021-03-29
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  • Version:4.4
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Lumber Empire Idle Tycoon is an arcade real-time strategy game with simulator elements. It is an Android simulator from ADQUANTUM LTD in which you will be developing logging sites. The game allows you to build your forest empire and become a forest tycoon. To plant trees, you have to recruit farmers to build your forests. You can also gain more agricultural land to plant new trees. It will delight you with non-trivial gameplay, exciting design of locations. Very nice graphic design in polygonal style. Strange in some places, animation, and a good soundtrack. Gameplay In gameplay, you must first create a logging plot on a once-effective section of the forest. And then completely turn it into a timber processing enterprise for further sale. At first, you have only a couple of lumberjacks at your disposal. And even then, in the first minute of the gameplay, you will have to work for them. First, you chop it down approximately in the middle. And only then, you cut it down completely, leaving a small stump. Our hard workers will live in a tent, where they find themselves every time you close the game. When there are enough fallen trees around, you can expand the staff. You can recruit not only men but also women. They can throw half of the trunk cleared of branches over their shoulders and carry it to the warehouse. Features: · Construction of conveyor lines; · Maintenance and improvement of machine tools; · Sales management; · Buy of different factories. Control A little later, you will have money for a sawmill. So, it is possible to make cylindrical logs from different types of wood from roughly hewn trunks. As with most clickers, this time game has controlled by taps on the screen. If you touch the latter very often in any free space, you speed up the lumberjacks and other workers. A double touch on any tree puts you in manual felling mode, where you can harvest wood yourself. Graphics Lumber Empire Idle Tycoon is a 3D simulator with excellent graphics. The game has diverse viewing angles. You can change it so that you can better understand the game model. The game characters behave like a machine. They lack sweetness, but they work very well. The image quality is a bit compromising. But the visuals are pretty smooth and pleasant to see. The game objects are so detailed that it feels as realistic as possible. Conclusion Lumber Empire for Android is a rather unusual simulator for earning virtual currency. In general, a vicious circle - you Earn for the sake of the opportunity to get even more. The Lumber Empire is a free game and does not need investments. But Lumber Empire Idle Tycoon still has a lot of ads in it. And if you turn off the Internet, glitches start with a frozen screen.

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