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  • Size:92M
  • Date: 2013-11-11
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My Talking Tom is a very famous virtual pet game today. In this game, you will be taking care of a cat named Tom through tasks such as feeding, drinking water, and bathing. Participating in mini-games will give you the most relaxing moments. After completing the tasks, you will upgrade your level and have more gold coins, diamonds. You can use gold coins to buy food, clothes, change eye color, and coat color. You can spend money on home improvement with furniture and household items. If you play the game and encounter game over status, you can use diamonds to continue. But the number of diamonds in the game is not unlimited, so save it and only use it when needed. Gameplay Players easily understand the gameplay of the game. Understand the content, features, and operation of My Talking Tom. The player's task is so simple. He will have to feed Tom, nurture and play with him. Tom will mature over time; she will grow taller and intelligent. You can play mini-games to earn money to buy food and clothes for Tom. You can also feed your cat her favorite foods and drinks such as fruits, sweets, ice cream, etc. Especially Tom will not be picky about food, so easy to raise. You can also customize the costumes so that Tom changes the way he wears his clothes. At the main interface of My Talking Tom, there will be five buttons below. The buttons include eat, sleep, go to the toilet, play mini-games, shop, and level boxes in the right corner. The number icon right side of the screen represents the current level of Tom. When this circle fills with green, the cat Tom will level up. You will receive bonuses to unlock new costumes, new foods, and many other decorations. Special, you can experience the mini-games corresponding to that level. Circle icon with fork and spoon: when the icon turns red, Tom is very hungry. Tap this icon to go straight to the dining table. Tom will sit in front of a table with a variety of foods. You will feed Tom by touching the food dishes until the icon turns green. Control Control of the game is so simple. You can talk with Tom. Tom will imitate and repeat your sentence with a humorous, very entertaining voice. You will poke Tom by using your fingers to touch the legs, hands, belly, or head. She will react in a certain way. Graphics The game has vivid graphics and is very lovely. 3D graphics simulate the cat's actions well. Like when you touch, the cat will meow. Scream or repeat your voice when you speak, sing Tom's cat when hungry, happy, sleepy. The emotions of the cat change according to your interaction with the cat. Verdict My Talking Tom is available for both Android and IOS operating systems. The game is free. You don't need to pay any extra money to play. With My Talking Tom, you will be able to play and relax with Tom like his real cat. If you love casual games, I recommend this game to you.

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