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  • Date: 2016-03-25
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Slither.io is an addictive online multiplayer game in the genre of casual. The game is available for download on iOS, Android, and PC with an exclusive extension for Chrome. It is a free game, easy to access, and easy to understand the rules. It is something that people know and enjoys the proposed challenge. It has a gameplay style that mixes games like Agar.io and Snake and has simple commands. The game takes the concept of “snake game” present in cell phones sold in the 2000s. You play as a snake and try to get bigger by eating the shiny balls, eliminating the other players without dying. The difference is that Slither.io has some different rules than Agar.io. The main one is that the Big Snakes do not eat the smaller snakes. But any snake, big or small, that collides with another one ends up killed. The rule is not to touch any player. Whoever touches it first dies, leaving a trail of other orbs that players run to devour. It is simple, addictive, competitive, and fun. You can play it on tablets and smartphones, as Slither.io has its app in Play stores and App Store. But, on PC, there are several places where you can play Slither.io. Besides the official website, you can play it on any internet browser. Gameplay You will have to guide your snake in a rather large arena. You have to collect bright spots, colliding, or avoiding the other worms. First, you choose a type of worm, its name, and how to control it. By clicking on the button labeled Change skin, you can select your little snake. By clicking on the button written Builder a Slither, you customize it the way you want. Go back to the beginning and click on Settings, so you can choose how to control your snake. So choose your username. It can be anything, a phrase, an adjective, your name, etc. You go walking and eating these bright-colored balls; when you eat, you grow. Try not to lean your head against the bodies of the other worms. Otherwise, you will die and leave food for the others to eat. This line of names at the top is for ranking. It only has the name of the ten Biggest Worms in the game in order of size. If you want to get into it, try to stay giant until you see your name there. Visual In Slither.io, you will have a gray “tiled” terrain with worms and spots. It will stand out particularly given the very bright colors. You can also customize your worm by selecting its colors from a wide range of skins. Unfortunately, the sound is missing, a Big lack for both regular and casual players. Control Control of the game is so simple. Move your mouse – or cursor – to control the snake throughout the scenario. Plus, you can press the spacebar – or the corresponding command on mobile. On smartphones, you press and hold in the direction where you want to go. To gain a boost, increase your speed to help you corner an enemy, collect more points, or run away. Verdict Slither.io is another addictive game that many will spend hours playing. The game is interesting, addictive, and fun. You can play at times when boredom hits. It also trains mental agility (when running away from other snakes). And I bet it is something everyone would like to play.

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