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  • Date: 2013-12-10
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In your whole life, maybe you constantly hold back this urge to beat your boss, but which is totally illegal and unacceptable in your real life. But in this virtual world, you can finally kick your boss's ass. It is really fun and exciting. It feels awesome to release all your negative energy about your boss. This is a perfect stress relief game. After you finish each round of kicking your boss, you will feel totally relaxed. Maybe your boss also knows that you are playing this wonderful game, but he can do nothing about this. So you can just freely enjoy yourself of kicking your boss in this virtual world. Besides, you are also allowed to customize your boss by following the way that you like. In this virtual world, evil comes in many forms. You can use different weapons to leave scars on your boss's body. And if your boss passes out, you can also wake your boss up by using one red heart. But you have only five red hearts. So you should not waste your heart. You just cannot allow your boss to slip into unconsciousness. You should provide yourself with this golden opportunity of torturing your boss. All these weapons are awesome. There are more than 100 lethal weapons. All these weapons will make your boss wet his pants. This is a very real game. When you are kicking your boss's ass, you will notice that your boss will scream and cry out loud. You can also curse your boss while you are beating him or her. It is awesome to unlock new boss. If you are tired of this old boss, you can try and torture another boss. Every time when you get a new boss to kick, you will feel more excited. All these satisfying reactions of your boss will motivate you to beat your boss harder. All those intense beatings will give you a deep sense of satisfaction. You can just beat your boss from dawn to night without stopping. It is so addicting! Actually, it is good for you to keep your physical and mental health. If you always hold this anger and resentment towards your boss in your body, you will bring damage to your health. But if you release all these negative energy, you will feel so good! To some degree, it is also beneficial for you to keep a healthy relationship with your boss in your real life. It is highly necessary for you to release your detrimental emotions in proper ways. But in the real life, you just fail to pay attention to such things and you just ignore the importance of channeling all those bad energy out in a timely way. So this game is not only about purely wasting your time or killing your spare time, but also about improving your inner balance and your emotional health. It makes you feel that you are not that kind of vulnerable in front of your boss. Actually, you can also do something about the torture that you are going through because of your vicious boss. This game will take away your feeling of weakness and powerlessness. It is highly possible for you to become addicted to this game. No one will refuse this golden chance to beat the hell out of his bad boss. It is impossible for you to become bored with this game within a very short period of time. The game includes many weapons which can be used to bring different damages to your boss. In the meantime, you will also have beautiful and handcrafted stages. So you can beat your boss in totally different locations. As for the skill, it is quite simple for you to play this game. You can beat your boss by using only one of your fingers. This whole game is entirely based on the concept or the objective of beating up your cartoon boss with a selection of weapons and other tools until your boss is bruised or injured. Eventually, your boss will be dead. You will not be charged because you shoot your boss with the arrow or the bow. The whole thing can become a little violent from time to time. If you hit your boss really hard, you will notice that the blood is all over the place. But you will enjoy seeing the blood spurts. It is also a satisfactory thing to see the arrow sticking out of your boss’s body. It is also all right for you to use other objects in this office room to destroy this boss. You can pick up the liquor bottle or just the cup or the wine glasses that stand on the table. It is your turn to inflict a great deal of premeditated, prolonged cartoon violence towards your boss. The most interesting thing is that your boss's office has a very large glass wall. So other workers outside can witness the violence. And through this large glass window, they are so happy to see the beating scene. But during most of the time, they just hide behind their desk partitions and they just keep silent. It is obvious that they have no opinion about you beating up your boss. They just cheer for your heroic actions, with the exception of one particular worker who sheds only one drop of hilarious tear. So what are you still waiting for? It is time for you to have this great adventure of torturing your boss. You will enjoy yourself a lot by slapping the boss really hard and you can just pour your hot coffee towards the face of your boss. And you are even allowed to beat your boss with the speaking hammer. The whole process is really fun and interesting. In this world, your boss becomes so fragile and so weak that he is not capable of fighting back. So you can just boss around this former boss. And it is time for you to have your revenge. You can show this boss that sometimes happiness can be derived from kicking the boss's ass. Even though as one of the ordinary and normal workers, you are not rich enough to buy happiness with enough amount of money. So while you are playing this game, you can just keep focusing and earn more gold coins by beating this boss. Eventually, you will manage to unlock more weapons from the store. With these weapons, you can just repeatedly beat this boss without stopping. And you can never allow this boss to stay around the corner. You must always wake him up and keep torturing him and treat him with excruciating pain. When he slips into unconsciousness, you must make sure that he will not miss his torture. And you can make him feel painful just like the way that he used to let you suffer!

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