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  • Date: 2019-09-30
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This shooter game is one of the most used and downloaded for mobile phones. The Activision Company created this mobile video game. It is a number one multiplayer video game in Battle Royale. Many games already have this style, but CoD is the first to have several forms of games. Including the sum of points to get great rewards. Next, more on Call of Duty: Mobile and its reception by gamers. Call of Duty: Mobile is an excellent game, especially as a battle royale. But it has other styles of games, such as first-person combat and ten versus ten duels. In addition, every month, the game gets updated with seasons to earn prizes and rewards. Call of Duty Mobile Gameplay The famous Activision game has become very popular in these days of the pandemic. Since it has many game modes, and not only offers you a nice map in Battle Royale. But there is also an option to play in the first person in multiplayer. Deathmatch mode is the main feature of this game. Yep, when you first play, you will present with a Multiplayer mode called Frontline. This mode is more or less the same as the main modes of other shooter games, such as CS: GO. You will play five versus five and need to kill as many enemies as possible. Your team will also win if they reach a kill score of 50 first. If you die, you will respawn at the base. Not only Frontline, but there are also still various Deathmatch modes that you can play. For example, a Team Deathmatch is the same as Frontline, but with random respawn. Also, there are tactical modes such as Destroy, which are the same as the bombing mode in CS: GO. You have to build a good squad with your friends. Plan and communicate the best strategies to get to the end. Customize all the weapons and level them up along with the skins. Protect yourself and use all the elements of the map. Finally, be careful not to be out of the combat zone. Call of Duty Mobile Graphics From the point of view of its graphics, design, and textured finish, it is so impressive. There is no doubt that the game takes great care of its shape and figure down to the smallest detail. For example, on its vast battle royale map, you can see a lot of detail that is quite good. Likewise, bots that are system-generated enemies sometimes land on the map. Real players also fall that make the map generate more textures. These textures make the system demand more performance from the teams. Each tree, road, house, car, or helicopter has its perfect detail. So it asks for more than an average game; A medium and high-end phone is necessary for its correct operation. Call of Duty Mobile Control Call of Duty Mobile has on-screen control. The control offers different customization options. There is a virtual joystick on the left side that controls the movement of the character. However, the experience of playing in the context of controls feels less realistic. When compared to PUBG Mobile, the CoD controls feel less smooth. The screen sensitivity is also higher than its competitors even though it is set to a lower level. Several times I experienced the wrong aim due to my finger touching the wrong button. At first, it felt normal. But, over time, this becomes annoying. Verdict The game is very addictive since it is one of the best online games out there of this time. Not only will you have great moments. But you will also have the opportunity to play online with your teammates. Either in battle royal or any other type of game mode, they are quite a lot. Only keep in mind the space and RAM capacity of your phone, and everything will be fine. It will be hours of the best strategy and shooter game, wherever and whenever you want. It is a great advantage of having it on your mobile phone and forming a squad with your friends.

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