• CarX Highway Racing

  • Developer: CarX Technologies, LLC
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  • Size:68M
  • Date: 2017-07-26
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CarX Highway Racing is a racing game designed with extreme drag racing. Players can drive their own cars to participate in various racing competitions. In the race, players can give full play to their driving skills and gallop freely in the city. Of course, as long as players can win the game, they can get rewards to unlock more cars! Gameplay As a road parkour game, CarX Highway Racing is inevitably not very interesting. Generally speaking, if you are fresh, you don't want to live anymore. So the other three AIs in the game can judge the route and are very good at avoiding the road. It just doesn't actively bump into the player, but avoids it. The advantage of this is that if the player is not dead, they will not fall behind and will never catch up to the queue again. The disadvantage is also obvious: it's boring to watch the scenery all the way. The impact of the race is that in a car accident, more drivers are knocked down than their opponents. It is contagious. In infectious races, the last driver will regularly spread. In the knockout, the previous car in the game will get a timer. When the timer reaches 0, the last car will be eliminated. Drive hard and don't be eliminated. In the final, the driver and the driver 1VS1 duel. The driver who crosses the finish line wins. In drift mode, there are multiple goal posts on the track to earn points. Graphics The CarX road racing graphics are eye-catching and intoxicating. This process makes people want to take a screenshot. The developers have done a very good job in this regard. Control The operation of the game is simple and easy to use. Some unrelated vehicles on the track are driving on the road. This helps if you slow down before entering the curve. Otherwise, you will leave directly. When you drive too fast, you will understeer and slide off the track. Players must balance the speed of the car through the brakes and accelerator, which can be used when drifting. Give players the most realistic driving pleasure. Sound effects The sound of the car accident, the sound of the engine, and the soundtrack handed down in the game are all the best. Bring unlimited fun to players. Summary CarX Highway Racing is a game where players can win the championship as they wish. All participating users are real people racing against you. The super difficult 1800 degree flip track, easy to stop. Believe that your operation will conquer the track!

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