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  • Date: 2013-09-30
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Clash of Clans is a super attractive strategy game produced by Supercell. The player's task is so simple. You have to create your own city, mine gold coins with elixirs, and defend against the enemy. The rule is simple: more resources, more opportunities. You can build territory, gather resources, raise crops and recruit soldiers. Also, you can command your army to fight the armies of other players and "rob" their resources. At the same time, you also have to raise your home defense against the attack of enemies. Attract players by very high tactics and epic battles that are so attractive. It promises players to bring an extraordinary great experience. Gameplay The Clash of Clans project belongs to the MMORTS category. The project will allow you to take control of an entire city, turning it into a vast capital of the future kingdom. At the start, you get to control the Town Hall and a small village that sprawls around. Builders are some of the most significant resources in Clash of Clans. The more there are, the faster you can build and improve buildings. But, the highest number of available builders is five. One is open immediately. The rest will have to buy from a unique game currency - crystals. At the very beginning, you need to deal with the buildings. Arrange the houses on the territory, take care of the protection of the Town Hall, and go to war. Clash of Clans has set in the goblin lands. You will attack and plunder their villages. The villages available for robbery open step by step - you finish with one, proceed to the next. The bottom line is that villages are the property of other players. Although, there is also the property of bots. During training, you should first destroy some bot villages. And then move on to battles against real players. Oh yes, do not forget about the elixir. It is so necessary for improving objects, brewing potions, and training fighters. To train warriors in Clash of Clans, you need to build camps and barracks. The more army you have, the more chances you have of winning. Fighters have different classes, each with its own characteristics. Barbarians distinguish by their strength and ability to wield a sword. Archers - skillful shooters, but not too hardy. Goblins run fast and steal unnoticed; they are easy to kill, but only one by one. Among the characters, there are also such: wall breakers, balloons, magicians, healers, dragons. Graphics The game stands out with high-quality three-dimensional graphics. The game looks pretty fresh with a well-developed environment and modern animation. Illustrations are so beautiful in all respects. The project has developed in the setting of the Middle Ages. But with the addition of various mechanics and "chips." So, for example, your city may well engage in magic; among your army, there will be sorcerers. But in case of danger, you can always attack your neighbor with terrifying spells. The game has focused on multiplayer. So, the player needs a stable internet connection for comfortable gaming. Control It is pretty simple to understand the process control here. And you do not even need to apply any manuals and instructions. The construction and further controls of the army will perform using the touchscreen. Conclusion CoC is a magnificent construction site and fun battles in a bright, beautiful wrapper. The game contains role-playing elements and full-fledged war in real-time. A significant advantage of the game is the smallest number of advertising. And it also reveals its capabilities without any payment. You can download Clash of Clans from this site and enjoy colorful and exciting moments. Try out different tactics, a strategy that can help you get considerable rewards, and rise to the level of a king.

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