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  • Developer: Alexander Kowalczyk
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  • Date: 2019-01-20
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MegaCraft - Pocket Edition is a building game based on the popular open-world sandbox game. It is a remake of the original Minecraft game. It had released on the 10th anniversary of developer Mojang. MegaCraft is an excellent block building and crafting game like Minecraft and Multicraft. The game offers an endless open world to build, craft, and explore. You can create anything you want with limitless imagination and creativity. MegaCraft - Pocket Edition is not an official Mojang app. The game is not affiliated, nor is it endorsed or connected with the creators of Minecraft. Gameplay MegaCraft is an open-world game with cube designs. Play helps children's creativity by giving them many opportunities to create things. It also helps children develop a great imagination, allowing them a few hours of fun. There are several mixes of genres in the game. First of all, this is an RPG and MMORPG (multiplayer role-playing game). You have a character whom you can control. You can collect resources equipped with various weapons from a classic pickaxe. You can fight with zombies and other monsters that respawn around the map. You can build any location to your taste. Make forests, lakes, place trees, and construct simple houses and real castles. Also, you can make unique structures. For example, it is possible to fit a massive character statue in total growth. Of course, you need to have a sense of beauty and an eye for all this. But on the whole, it develops spatial thinking and imagination. The game modes included in MegaCraft are - The survivor mode, in which you have a free place to visit. You have to find resources and food to keep the character alive and away from danger. Another mode that it includes is the creative mode. In this, you have a freeway for everything you can imagine. Junger and lack of resources do not limit you; you can do everything. Among these options is the online mode in which you can play in the worlds of your friends. Or with player communities where you can make new friends and have fun in thousands of possible ways. Graphics 3D space help to feel the animals, plants, and features of the cube world. In Megacraft, all-natural or buildings have composed of cubes. Create diverse characters; you can adjust your character's skin. From simple skins to the most sophisticated skins. Experts consider the physical effects of Megacraft to be unrealistic. For example, the cubes in the game are not affected by gravity. But in return, due to the cube structure, the environmental effects give you a new feeling. It makes you more curious about this world. Control The game offers a low entry threshold and convenient control. Even if you have never played such projects before, you will determine the functionality. Moreover, everything in the application interface is clear and understandable. Conclusion In general terms, MegaCraft resembles the same Minecraft. With a certain amount of assumptions, the game can even be called a copy of a popular PC project. But, this is not at all that important since the sandbox is well-designed. Yes, he borrowed a lot from his "big brother," but that doesn't make him bad. On the contrary, it is an excellent "sandbox" where you can spend one evening enjoying free construction. And many hours, extracting rare resources and erecting new buildings. Don't forget to download MegaCraft on your mobile to make it easier to play. Get rid of lags, crashes, and optimization problems. Smooth gameplay with convenient controls awaits you.

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