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Trivia Crack is a logic puzzle with learning elements. There are six different categories, led by exciting characters to test your knowledge. You only have to spin the wheel and answer questions from the dropped category. Tito will share his knowledge of world-class geography. Hector is a mascot of history. Albert will share his knowledge of science. If you are a lover of the knowledge puzzle game genre, then Trivia Crack is a prominent name that you cannot ignore. With many questions on many different topics, it will be a big challenge for anyone. Gameplay Not too fussy and complicated in respect of form, Trivia Crack has simple gameplay. By choosing one of the four answers given in each question, the player can score. And proceed to the next round. The player will win when he is the one who answers the most questions. Or is the last person left among the participants. The questions in Trivia Crack fit into six areas of life. For each field, there will be a representative mascot, including: Albert is a mascot of scientific knowledge. He covers many areas, such as math, physics, and technology. Hector the mascot of history. He will bring you questions related to the history of not only the USA but also of Mankind. Bonzo, the mascot of sports, is a big guy. He brings you questions about sports like football, basketball. Tito is a guy who loves to travel and is also the mascot of geography. Tina is a girl who loves colors, loves to draw, and loves beauty. She is the mascot of art. Pop is a guy who likes popcorn and coke. He also loves movies and melodious music because he is the entertainment mascot. Players need to get acquainted with these six lovely mascots. Because at the start of any level, players will meet with 1 of 6 mascots and receive questions. The content of the questions will have decided through random number selection. Although it is a puzzle game, Trivia Crack has countless game modes. Classic mode is a competition mode between two matched players. Both will be able to choose a topic and answer questions given by the system. Whoever gets the correct answers wins. Survival Mode is a mode where ten people play together. It is a mode where players can compete with other users worldwide. And of course, the questions in this mode are questions in English. Trivia topics are the mode where the player will have the right to choose the topic of the question. There will have ten questions on the same subject that the player has selected. When players answer all ten questions, they will receive a key to collect treasure chests. Triathlon mode is the game's continuous question mode. Players will answer questions in many different areas. And for each question answered, you will have received a reward for that question. Control Spin the virtual wheel and find out from which category you get questions. There are six categories: history, geography, entertainment, arts, sports, and science. Each question has four answers, after which you have to tap on the correct answer within 12 seconds. Graphics The game has friendly, gentle graphics with light colors as the primary theme. The images in the game, especially the six representative animals, are so lovely and cute. The questions will have arranged in frames with reasonable colors. It highlights the question, easy to see, easy to read, and understands the problem content. Conclusion Trivia Crack is a fun puzzle-themed game. You will have surprised by the number of questions and the vast knowledge that the game brings. It is a big challenge for confident in their puzzle-solving abilities. And their thinking and memory abilities. If you are a lover of puzzle games, then Trivia Crack is a game you should try to download and experience.

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